Jan 162013
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Apply fungus fighters frequently for best results

Several toenail fungus readers (OK, just three) have written in recently with their own personal stories about how they are doing in the battle to eliminate their toenail fungus.

I want to make a mention of their findings, because they are remarkably similar. The similarity is in that they all report that the effectiveness of their applications have been, more or less, dependent on how often they use the products.

One reports that she uses her Zetaclear at least three times a day. She keeps the small bottle in her purse, and whenever she has a chance at work (and no one is watching) she pulls it out, gives a quick dab on the affected toenails, and zips it back into her purse, taking less than a minute for the whole operation.

Another reader writes how he uses the liquid fungus fighter every day after having a shower in the morning, and in the evening, just before going to bed. “I brush and floss my teeth, then apply the liquid to my toenails,” he writes, “these are the last things I do in the day. My partner doesn’t mind at all; she is happy to see that it is working with this constant application. My fungus is going away!”

The third writer claims that she has developed a habit of putting on a dab of Zetaclear every time she goes to the washroom to use the toilet. “It’s so easy to get into the habit,” she claims, and then mentions that it isn’t every time but as often as she can remember. A habit is made after 21 days of constant repetition.

All three writers notice that the toenail fungus that they have had for a long time is gradually getting better, and leaving. There is less and less visible proof that they have this disease. There is a reduction in the yellowing, the whitening, the roughness, and the distortion that has been showing on their toe nails. This is good news.

So what to deduce from these comments?

It appear that to get the most effective results from the toenail fungus fighter, constant and frequent applying is in the cards. Having the product easily accessible  making a habit of frequent application, and making it a habit are the most effective ways to reduce or get rid of toenail fungus.

Link to Zetaclear website.

  3 Responses to “Apply Fungus Fighters Daily for Best Results”

  1. A similar thing with me. My nails became brittle after a while, but now they are ok.

  2. This article,it is useful to me and others to know about this items,please just keep it…. I agree to apply daily for best results!

  3. I came across your Apply Fungus Fighters Daily for Best Results – Toenail Fungus Cures website and wanted to let you know it’s a great article. I have fungus on two toes, right foot, and need more info on what to use, Zetaclear or Funginix?

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