Jan 012014

Toenail Fungus. Nasty. You could be one of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from nail fungus. You want a cure. Here is a special offer for Funginix…the top nail fungus treatment.

For the next two days only (until Jan. 2, 2014), we are extending to you a 40% off coupon for any Funginix purchase. This is the highest discount that we have ever offered. Funginix is a high quality topical solution for nail fungus so take advantage of this opportunity before it expires. This code expires tomorrow (01/02/14) at 11:59p EST.

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Use coupon code: SHCNY2014

Visit us at: funginix.com

Stock up on Funginix

We are certain that our product is a terrific topical fungus treatment. If, for any reason, you think that Funginix is not eliminating your fungal infection, just return your product within 60 days for a full refund.

Funginix is the most sophisticated and complete topical nail fungus treatment created to kill nail fungus. Our formula will battle the agents that cause your nail fungus (dermatophytes) and provide with you lasting complete relief.

Check it out now, buy today- with a great 100% guarantee.

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  1. I’d like to know how effective the Funginix liquid is, has anyone tried it and are on this site? Thanks.

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