Mar 252013

A friend of mine was planning a trip to a warm place a few months ago. She has noticeable toenail fungus, and asked if I knew how to hide it (besides using colored nail polish) as she wanted to wear open-toed sandals.

yellow toenail fungus

Yellow toenail fungus

So I told her about this website and mentioned that Zetaclear seems to be the most-used product that people are talking about. She ordered a couple of bottles, as there was only three weeks before she left. The “short time to takeoff” (leaving) was actually a beneficial thing, because she used the product religiously twice a day until she left.

Upon her return, she phoned me up and thanked me for telling her about Zetaclear! She said that after a week or so there was really a noticable difference in the appearance of her toes. Of course seeing this visable change lead her to keep putting it on, sometimes even three times during a day (if she had an easy opportunity, she claims). I mentioned (tounge in cheek) that as a reward she could take me with her next time, as a “consultant”. *chuckle*

I thought I would pass this on, to encourage others to try these products to make their holidays better! You to can hide your toenail fungus while wearing sandles in the sun (just start early!).

Read more about Zetaclear

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  1. A similar thing …happened to me a few years ago. I kept using the product while I was away and the condition, or should I say appearance, just kept getting better. I still put it on now and then, but not s religiously ai used to. There are other brands I know, but I also used Zetaclear .

  2. I like the idea of hiding the nails!

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