Send in your Pictures


One of the nice things about the internet is that people can share their photos easily. This website tries to display toenail and fingernail pictures that people send in. It allows viewers like you to compare what they have on their nails with the photos.

How to take great photos and send them in for display on this website.

  1. Make sure that you have good lighting before taking the photos. Good lighting means move to a bright sunny window, or turn on the lights overhead, or go outside where the natural light is bright.
  2. Use a good digital camera, or your smartphone or tablet. Be aware that smartphones and tablets have a limit as to how close you can get and still have things in focus. These devices are great for the ease at which you can forward the photos to us, however.
  3. Hold the camera nice and steady, or else the picture could be blurry.
  4. After clicking the button, look at the photo for clarity, sharpness, and brightness. (we do receive photos that are fuzzy and too poor of quality to print!)
  5. Send them as an attachment by email to our email address:  If you have trouble, send us a note and we will try to help you.
  6. Thanks and we are looking forward to sharing your pictures!